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Archaeological Museum of Cordoba350 mts
Bus station2,4 km
Castle of the Christian Monarchs400 mts
City center (opened comercial center)600 mts
Roman Bridge300 mts
The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba10 mts
Train Station - RENFE Cordoba2,4 km

In the very heart of Cordoba

Enjoy Cordoba

ddddddd 16th century | 350 Mts

Archaeological Museum of Cordoba

Since 1965, the former Renaissance style of The Paez de Castillejo family has housed one of the most impressive archaelogical museums in Spain: The Archeological Museum of Cordoba.

gfhhgf Originally from 13th century | 400 Mts


The Alcazar (castle) of Cordoba, with its thick defensive walls, served both as a fortress and a palace, and it is a perfect ilustration of development of Cordoban architecture through ages. Romans and Visigoth ruins lie side by side with Arabic remainsin this magnificent building, wich was once the favourite residence of differents rulers.

Flora Decía Henri Matisse, uno de los padres del fauvismo, que "siempre hay flores para aquellos que quier


Decía Henri Matisse, uno de los padres del fauvismo, que "siempre hay flores para aquellos que quieran verlas". Sin duda, ése es el espíritu de FLORA, un nuevo festival dedicado al arte floral que verá la luz en Córdoba del 20 al 29 de octubre.

GHYGG Palace building 10th century | 11 Km


The history of Medina Azahara, the magnificent, enigmatic city palace which was built for abd-al Rahmann III is shoured in myths and legends.

fydefghg Religious building 14th century | 500 Mts


The synagoge, placed in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, is unique in Andalusia and one of the three best preserved Medieval synagoges in the whole Spain.

home World Heritage Site since 1984 | 10 Mts


The Mosque-Cathedral is the most significant monument in the whole of the Western Moslem World and one of the most amazing buildings in the world in its own right.

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